Our Philosophy

We believe one of the most devastating things to lose is hope. As the author of Hebrews writes, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen (Hebrews 11:1).” Our culture has revealed that it is entirely possible to create a generation of believers who are “faithful” and “obedient” but are numb on the inside because they have lost hope.

One of our strongest desires is to come into an event to serve, encourage, and love everyone that God brings us in front of. We take this ministry very seriously and want to make the impact as effective as possible while performing it in an orderly fashion.

We act in faith because we believe heavily in the power of prayer. Our time together should encourage believers regardless of how long they have been saved while also welcoming newcomers into the family of God. This is not just an outreach to the lost, but also a line of encouragement to the current believer.

Our Process


In addition to prepping material for your event, we spend at least 45 minutes before the event preparing our hearts and minds, as well as praying for the audience. It is critical that this time is off limits to the general public and protected.

Speaking Time

Although we can adjust and fit into a variety of settings, we generally ask for a stage time of at least 30 minutes for preaching and will not normally exceed 45 minutes. We are flexible to speak longer to fit the time required by things like conference sessions, ministry school teaching, training, presentations, etc.

Team Members

Upon request we can also bring additional intercessors with us to help pray for people, and we are also more than willing to include any members of the church/event staff who would like to be on the prayer team.


It is very important that our team creates an atmosphere of approachability so we can minister to all walks of life, while at the same time maintaining a professional tone. Because we spend so much one-on-one time with audience members, we ask that accomodations are made that will afford us privacy to relax after the event.


Because we are a traveling ministry we do require that our traveling expenses be met. Due to the variety of events we would love to discuss whether an additional honorarium or love offering will be required depending on the situation. These questions can be answered by contacting us at (218-330-0326).

Types of Events

Night of Hope

This is a very professional and power packed, “as much ministry as you can fit” in one night and, “not break your budget”kind of event. We usually open doors at 6 pm and are done by 9:30 pm. There will be worship, preaching, salvation calls, personal prayer ministry (including prophesy, general encouragement, healing, and deliverance). Normally this event will take place in a church building (to help keep costs down). We will provide the worship team plus some ministry team leaders. We love to work with local people and incorporate them onto the ministry team. To keep costs down, we do not typically spend a lot of money promoting these events on radio, or billboards. The best form of promotion is word of mouth and social media. Once people see the miracles that God is doing they will bring their friends to the next one. Since this event is cheap enough to pull together, you can do multiple ones a year and watch how they grow each time.


A Revive event is basically what a crusade overseas looks like in America. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, it is a strategic onslaught to dismantle the works of darkness, and glorify the Lord. We have several strategies that will help local churches come together and experience growth in their church. This event can also operate as a half conference, half revival. Starting with breakout sessions during the day time, which lead right into the night revival services. It will definitely make a lasting impact in your area for Jesus! It takes the idea of a “Night of Hope” event to the next level. Picture everything from that event but bigger! Worship, preaching, healing, deliverance, prophesy, and more…
This event has a lot more work on the front and back end (follow up), but have no fear, we will take the time to help you build a team to handle the workload. This event is typically 3 days, and 3 nights.

Tent Revival

This will be one of the most well organized and yet, “raw” events you will ever experience. The tent comes with a genuine iconic-ness, that causes people to come with expectation! Some will come with their arms folded in judgment, and others will come expecting a miracle. Either way people come expecting! And what they end up encountering is the presence of the living God. Who loves them more than they can imagine! We work hard to unite churches under one fabric roof, to encourage believers and reach the lost. We will work with you to employ several strategies ahead of time to build a big ministry team. When we unite together and glorify the Lord, we have no doubts there will be miracles, signs, and wonders that take place.
We will help you employ strategies to get your community doing prayer gatherings, and outreaches ahead of time as we prepare for the big event. It’s usually a 3 night event that incorporates worship, preaching, salvation, healing, water baptism, deliverance, prophesy, personal prayer and more.


If you want to do a straight up evangelistic crusade, then we have JUST the thing for you!! Having been a part of crusades in many different nations, it has been a privilege to see witches, muslims, Atheist’s, and more surrender their lives to Jesus!
This event changes format depending on whether it is in the USA or overseas. Typically we try to make it a city wide impact leading up to the 3 night crusade. This includes preaching in schools, churches, refugee camps etc… Bringing food to the poor communities, and doing smaller conferences throughout the week targeting different groups (pastors, youth, business people etc…)
Follow up and discipleship are the key to seeing churches and people grow. We have several tools to offer you to help ensure that both of those happen.

Preaching at Your Church/Event

We would be thrilled to come to your church or event and minister however you desire. This can include your Sunday morning church service, or a special event you are doing. We are coming to serve you. Simple and yet powerful. You won’t regret having biblically based, Spirit led preaching, that the Lord will use to bless a very diverse audience. It is worth every penny!


Book Us For Your Church/Event

What type of events can I book Awakening Hope Ministries for?

We have ministered at a wide variety of events including; Small Group home meetings, Sunday/Wednesday Church services, Youth Group, Camps, Conferences, Music Festivals, Tent Revivals & Fundraising events. Please contact us with your event idea, we would be honored to be apart of your event.

How much does it cost to bring Awakening Hope Ministries to my event?

Please contact us with your event needs and we will quote you the appropriate rate based on what type of event you would like to book!
We would be thrilled to work with you to create a budget that works for everyone!

Book an Awakening Hope Event

What does an ideal Awakening Hope event look like?

Worship; whether you provide the worship team or we bring one along we love to have a time to honor the Lord through worship.
Preaching; allow up to 45 minutes for Dean or Cassie to share a passionate message based on the Word of God.
Ministry; One of our favorite things is to pray for people one-on-one and we will stay as long as it takes to see this happen and often will have a team of people ready to pray and minister the love of God to people as they come to the altar.

What is an Awakening Hope Event? Can I book this in my city?

Other than booking us to guest preach at your church you can actually book an Awakening Hope Event. These events are powerful and do a great job of reaching the lost, and encouraging believers. We offer a variety of events from Tent Revivals, Night of Hope, and Revive crusades. This would take place on dates of your choosing, in your city, with your friends and family, but let us do the work of producing the event! You provide the location and invite everyone you know. We will take care of the rest! We will bring the lights, sound system, worship team, prayer team & everything we would normally include in an Awakening Hope event! This is offered at a set price based on location, cost of travel & expenses. Please contact us for more information and details.